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Oak's Corner: Last Week Adds and Early 2020 Targets
198 days ago
In Scott Jenstad’s final column of the season, he offers some guys to target in 2020, including Marcell Ozuna, who he anticipates will have a bounce-back year.
Oak's Corner: Early 2020 Fades and Late 2019 Adds
204 days ago
Scott Jenstad looks toward 2020 to discuss some fades, including the Nationals’ Victor Robles, who has stolen-base upside, but doesn’t hit the ball hard enough for Jenstad’s liking.
Oak's Corner: Free Agent Pickups for the Final Kick
212 days ago
Scott Jenstad talks about the breakout season of Austin Meadows, who has used his first full season in Tampa to blossom into a star with a 26-homer, 10-steal season in only 118 games.
Oak's Corner: One Final Month
219 days ago
Scott Jenstad discusses the waning weeks of the season and goes into detail on Liam Hendriks’ surprising breakout season.
Oak's Corner: Finding Help Down the Stretch
226 days ago
Scott Jenstad offers up a list of FAAB players who could offer fantasy teams help down the stretch, including Delino DeShields Jr., who’s the guy to grab if you’re in a tight stolen base competition.
Oak's Corner: Looking Ahead to 2020; Focusing on 2019
233 days ago
With just six weeks left in the season, Scott Jenstad offers his best guess as to what the 2020 first round ADP will look like, with the third spot going to the Brewers’ Christian Yelich.
Oak's Corner: Acuna Making a Run at No. 1
240 days ago
Scott Jenstad observes that with seven and a half weeks left in the season, Ronald Acuna already has 26 steals to go with 30 homers and finds himself with a legit chance at a 40/40 season.
Oak's Corner: Not Giving Up on KD Quite Yet
247 days ago
After watching Oakland’s Khris Davis struggle so far this season, Scott Jenstad believes he’s at the start of a good run.
Oak's Corner: Second Half Cat Attack
254 days ago
Scott Jenstad targets players for each 5x5 category who are each owned less than 50 percent in NFBC 12-team leagues, who might be good adds, including Albert Pujols in the RBI category.
Oak's Corner: Dealing With Pitching in an Offensive Era
261 days ago
Scott Jenstad says the 2019 home run craze is just getting warmed up and questions how to deal with it from a fantasy angle. He also examines Shohei Ohtani’s pitching future.
Oak's Corner: Fading Into the Second Half
268 days ago
Scott Jenstad looks at second-half fades, including Yankees first baseman Luke Voit, whose hard hit rate has dropped nine percent since 2018.
Oak's Corner: Are Sonny Days Here Again?
275 days ago
Scott Jenstad heads into the All-Star Break with hopes that Reds pitcher Sonny Gray is back to his pre-New York pitching ways.
Oak's Corner: A Midseason Wish List
282 days ago
Scott Jenstad looks at underperforming or under the radar players to identify one guy at each position who might break out in the second half, like Padres catcher Francisco Mejia.
Oak's Corner: Selling High on Dahl
289 days ago
Scott Jenstad recommends taking advantage of David Dahl’s current .338 batting average by selling him high.
Oak's Corner: The Fantastic Mr. Freeman
295 days ago
With 18 homers through 68 games to go with his .311 batting average, Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman is having a monster season, notes Scott Jenstad.
Oak's Corner: Big Weekend in the NL Central
303 days ago
Scott Jenstad talks about pitcher Lucas Giolito’s surprising breakout, and a race heating up for the top spot in the NL Central.
Oak's Corner: Thor – The Inflated ERA
310 days ago
Scott Jenstad says that while he thinks Noah Syndergaard will get better, he’s no longer convinced Thor’s going to have a total dominant stretch this year.
Oak's Corner: Time to Take a Hard Look at Your Teams
317 days ago
It’s the time of year Scott Jenstad advises reassessing your team to see what changes can be made with struggling players, including mid-round guys like Eduardo Rodriguez.
Oak's Corner: It's a FAAB Bonanza!
324 days ago
With a plethora of minor leaguers called up this week, like Austin Riley, Scott Jenstad breaks down the callups to determine whether they’re worth a chunk of your FAAB money.
Oak's Corner: A Controversial Sell on Robles
331 days ago
Scott Jenstad wouldn’t trade Victor Robles in a keeper league, but in a single season league, Jenstad considers him a sell high candidate.
Oak's Corner: Puig Still Your Friend?
338 days ago
Scott Jenstad wonders if there’s any room for optimism when it comes to Yasiel Puig’s abysmal start to the year with the Reds.
Oak's Corner: A Hard Look at J Ram
344 days ago
Scott Jenstad digs deep into Jose Ramirez’ stats to see just how bad his current slump is and whether he’ll make his way out of it.
Oak's Corner: Time to Trade for Moustakas?
352 days ago
Scott Jenstad thinks that Brewer Mike Moustakas‘ low batting average might make him a good trade target.
Oak's Corner: Around the League
357 days ago
Scott Jenstad revisits some of his favorite ballparks and describes the past week in baseball, including Pete Alonso’s red-hot start.
Oak's Corner: First Week’s in the Books
April 5, 2019
Scott Jenstad reviews the first week of the season and notes the impressive play of Dodger Cody Bellinger, who already has five homers and nine runs.
Oak's Corner: Finally Back to Baseball!
March 30, 2019
In baseball’s opening weekend, Scott Jenstad is anxious to check out how Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish does in his first start of the season.
Oak's Corner: Targets Outside the Top 100
March 22, 2019
On the eve of a big draft weekend, Scott Jenstad delves into players he’s targeting outside the top 100, including Pirates outfielder Corey Dickerson.
Oak's Corner: Closers and Fades
March 16, 2019
Scott Jenstad is back for another season and this week he’s discussing his thoughts on the closer market as well as his top draft fades, including Boston’s Andrew Benintendi.
Oak’s Corner: 2019 Targets
Oak’s Corner: 2019 Targets
September 28, 2018
September 28, 2018
For his final column of the season, Scott Jenstad looks at players he’ll be targeting in the Spring of 2019, including Tommy Pham, who’s had a so-so 2018, but has flourished in his last 33 games, hitting .360 with seven homers.
Oak’s Corner: Some Tough 2019 Fades
September 21, 2018
In his second to last column, Scott Jenstad is looking at players whom he expects will be overdrafted next year. Topping his list is Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal.