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MLB: Chris Liss' Portfolio
94 days ago
Chris Liss lays out the players he ended up with in his fantasy baseball drafts, and he's all in on Carter Kieboom.
NFBC Beat Chris Liss 2
97 days ago
Chris needs Clayton Kershaw to do some heavy lifting on his hitting-heavy NFBC team.
NFBC Main Event
NFBC Main Event
103 days ago
103 days ago
Chris Liss played chicken with closers, but was able to get one of his staples, Byron Buxton, in the ninth round.
NFBC: Beat Chris Liss 1
103 days ago
After vowing to take Jacob deGrom, Chris took Cody Bellinger with the No. 3 pick and went big on hitting instead.
All-Time Minnesota Twins Draft
148 days ago
Brian Dozier was the first active player to be selected. He went to Chris Liss in the fifth round.
All-Time Philadelphia Phillies Draft
152 days ago
Aaron Nola is the only current Philadelphia Phillies player taken in the All-Time Phillies draft.
Near Dynasties
Near Dynasties
163 days ago
163 days ago
Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander have each won a World Series with different teams, but their Tigers teams never were able to clear the final hurdle.
All-Time Chicago Cubs Draft
165 days ago
Andy Behrens took current shortstop Javy Baez with the seventh overall pick.
All-Time Chicago White Sox Draft
166 days ago
Jose Abreu was the only current White Sox hitter taken in this draft, though not the only current player. See who else Bennett Karoll, Todd Zola and Jeff Erickson drafted.
All-Time Toronto Blue Jays Draft
170 days ago
Jose Bautista was the first outfielder taken in our All-Time Blue Jays draft. Who went first overall?
All-Time St. Louis Cardinals Draft
173 days ago
Adam Wainwright was among a handful of active players taken in the All-Time Cardinals draft. See who else Brian Walton, Todd Zola and Jeff Erickson selected.
All-Time Pittsburgh Pirates Draft
187 days ago
John Toperzer, Todd Zola and Jeff Erickson drafted from the All-Time Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday's SiriusXM show. Here are the results.
All-Time Milwaukee Brewers Draft
193 days ago
Even though he's only played two years with them, Christian Yelich already ranks among the all-time Brewers.
All-Time Boston Red Sox Draft
195 days ago
Mookie Betts is no longer with the Red Sox, but still got taken in the second round of our All-Time Red Sox draft.
All-Time Cleveland Indians Draft
198 days ago
Chris Liss took Francisco Lindor with the fourth-overall pick. Jose Ramirez, Carlos Carrasco and Mike Clevinger also made the cut among current players.
All-Time New York Yankees Draft
199 days ago
Jeff Erickson and Chris Liss squared off to assemble teams of the greatest Yankees. Gleyber Torres was one of two current players taken.
All-Time Detroit Tigers Draft
200 days ago
Not surprisingly, Miguel Cabrera was the only current Tiger to make the cut.
MLB Observations: Beat Chris Liss 3
201 days ago
Chris took three straight Indians to start his draft, including shortstop Francisco Lindor with the eighth overall pick.
My AL Tout Wars Team
My AL Tout Wars Team
221 days ago
221 days ago
Chris Liss bought a few injured players at a discount, figuring the delayed start to the season will give them time to heal.
My RotoWire Staff Keeper League Squad
228 days ago
Chris Liss bought Jose Ramirez for $50, in his opinion a bargain, in the heavily-inflated 18-team format.
NFBC Beat Chris Liss 2
NFBC Beat Chris Liss 2
229 days ago
229 days ago
Chris Liss gets his ace, taking Max Scherzer with the No. 10 overall pick.
Building the Ultimate Draft List - Part 2
235 days ago
Chris Liss goes deeper into his Cheat Sheet building process for NFBC Contests.
Building the Ultimate Draft List -- Part 1
241 days ago
Chris Liss walks us through the process that helped him finish 12th overall in the NFBC Online Championship last year.
NFBC Beat Chris Liss 1
NFBC Beat Chris Liss 1
245 days ago
245 days ago
Chris said he'd take a pitcher in the first round and was true to his word, nabbing Houston ace Justin Verlander over Francisco Lindor at pick eight.