NFL Preseason News And Notes: Notable Injuries Blemish Start Of Most Relevant Week Of Exhibitions

The third week of preseason usually brings at least a slight uptick in interest, considering many teams have traditionally let their starters play longer than in the first two exhibitions. That held true to an extent Thursday, but with starters on the field for longer stretches, there were actually some notable injuries as well. We’ll take a closer look at the latest on those developments, as well what teams look most ready for the regular season.

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Beat Chris Liss 2

I had my second NFFC draft of the season Monday night, a 12-team online-championship with a $200K top prize. It’s full PPR, 3-WR and a FLEX with 10 man benches. Quarterbacks get six points per passing TD and a point every 20 yards passing. Full rules are here. I drew the second pick.

Here are the results:

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NFL Training Camp Notes: Who’s playing and who’s sitting this week

Injuries, injuries, and more injuries seem to dominate Wednesday’s NFL news. Fortunately, much of it is related to players nearing a return. However, the biggest story involves a player choosing not to play.

  • Melvin Gordon’s holdout is expected to last into the regular season, according to Ian Rapoport, who unfortunately didn’t say just how far into the year that might last. At the start of camp, there were reports the running back may hold out till midseason, which scares me too much to draft him even at no. 30 overall where his ADP has been in NFFC leagues over the last two weeks. However, the less risk-averse willing to take him in the third round could find themselves with quite a steal if the situation resolves itself in a timely manner.

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How I Did Okay In The Steak League Auction

Usually, I title this “How I Botched the Steak League Auction,” and then go on to do well, but last year I really did botch it and missed out on buying double steaks by only one point. (Thankfully Josh Ross was in the league.) This year, I did some things well and some things poorly. For some background, it’s a 14-team, 1-QB, 2-RB, 3-WR, 1-TE, 1-FLEX, non-PPR league with three IDPs. Here are the results:

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The rethinking of the Patriots’ offense

Rethinking the Patriots offense- is Bill Belichick tipping his hand?

As the Patriots dynasty continues to move forward, we’ve seen the offense go through varying stages. Between the minds of Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels, they’ve always figured out how to score enough points to win regardless of who’s on the field. But this year, they could be headed to the stone age after dabbling with it in the playoffs last year.

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First NFFC $200K Online Championship Results

Monday was my first NFFC Draft of my professional career, with another one (auction) on the way next week. Considering the $200,000 prize pool, I was genuinely excited to test my mettle with the highest of stakes on the line. That enthusiasm waned dramatically throughout the course of the 1:15 minute draft, which I detail in excruciating fashion. If you’re unfamiliar with the format, the draft is part of an overall contest, where we’re competing in 12-man leagues. It’s a PPR league, with third-round-reversal in the draft format. Passing touchdowns are worth six points, and we start three wide receivers and a flex spot. The rosters are 20-deep. I drew the seventh draft slot, meaning that my picks were 1.7, 2.6, 3.6, 4.7, etc … Here are the results.

1.7 – Ezekiel Elliott

I thought maybe I’d get bailed out from making this decision when Nick Chubb went No. 5 overall, but alas, David Johnson was sniped right before me. I guess I should be grateful Elliott fell this far because I really didn’t want to select between the trio of Davante Adams, Julio Jones or Michael Thomas with a bevy of WRs generally being my natural target point later in drafts. The concern around Elliott’s training camp holdout is begrudgingly valid at this point, but I refuse to entertain the scenario where he’ll miss extended time this season. Jerry Jones’ latest comments are troubling, which only seemed to be reinforced with Tuesday’s multi-year signing of Jaylon Smith, but the value is too great to ignore if you’re of the opinion that the 24-year-old will join the Cowboys some point soon.

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