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Week 2 Observations

It was a frustrating week, I won’t lie. My fantasy teams did okay, but I went 5-10 against the spread, lost my best bet (the Saints) and my Super Contest entry was 1-3, pending Monday night. Maybe it’s just the state of mind I’m in during a week like this, but the product quality seemed worse than ever to me. So many penalties — it seemed like every other play, and only about half of them were legitimate. The worst call of the weekend was the ref blowing dead Cam Jordan’s fumble return TD for no reason whatsoever. Why not let the play happen and let the review (automatic on turnovers) take its course?

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Early NFL FAAB results

I have four leagues that have free agent runs on Yahoo on Tuesday night, two of which are FAAB-based, and another one that’s on I’m going to post quick blogs each week revealing the results from the FAAB leagues, so that hopefully you’ll get some value in composing your bids for leagues that run on Wednesday night or during the day on Thursday. This week, I went big on the Redskins’ Terry McLaurin in a couple of leagues:

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Monday Night Observations

I can’t overstate the enjoyment of watching the condensed version of standalone games while having a stake in, but not knowing the outcome of them. It’s 40 minutes of enjoyment with so little of the garbage that makes up the bulk of the 3.5-hour real-time experience. With two games, it was 120 minutes rather than seven hours.

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Week 1 Observations

Watching the main slate of NFL games is like being in an altered state of consciousness. For me it’s like having the virus that was going around in 28 Days Later. Like other altered states, when you’re back in you remember it instantly and think, “Oh this again.”

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A Story Told in Tweets: NFL Week 1

Why bother actually watching the games when you can learn everything you need to know about Week 1 from a series of embedded tweets?

We’ll start with the less-than-thrilling Thursday opener, which picked up right where the Super Bowl left off in terms of entertainment value. Of course, it was a different story come Sunday — a high-flying mix of shootouts and blowouts.

The good news for Bears fans? No missed kicks. The bad news? They didn’t score any more points after a first-quarter field goal.

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