Fantrax Premier League Rankings: Gameweek 1

Fantrax Premier League Rankings: Gameweek 1

This article is part of our Fantasy Premier League Rankings series.

We're changing things up a bit for the 2020/21 season and introducing weekly player rankings specifically for Fantrax's Premier League game. We've covered the league's official game for the past few years, and while those will certainly continue, we're going to split out rankings for Fantrax because the scoring systems are different enough where one set doesn't do the game justice.

Similar to our season-long rankings, the weekly Fantrax lists will be based on my individual player projections, though only players expected to start are included. Additionally, all players are projected to play 90 minutes, which obviously won't be the case because the Premier League still allows three substitutions per match. It is certainly possible to try to project substitutions, but injuries, red cards or general poor play can throw those expectations out very quickly. I am not against adding substitutes to the rankings (which would obviously affect the players they would be coming on for) in the future, but for now we'll stick with expected starters and see where they match up against each other if they all played 90 minutes.

The player projections begin with projecting team totals for all the relevant stats and then distributing them out to each player, so a change for one player affects everyone else on the team. For example, a Liverpool lineup with Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane up front will project very differently than one with Takumi Minamino, Divock Origi and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Or, for less dramatic affect, a Salah-Firmino-Mane front line would be different than a Salah-Origi-Mane one, so a question of "where would player x rank if he started?" requires one expected starter to change and then almost all the other starters would be affected one way or another.

In addition to a projected score and rank, I've also done the same for "floor" points, which are fantasy points minus goals, assists and clean sheets. Players with higher floors are generally more reliable and consistent in their fantasy scoring, but they also don't reach their fantasy ceilings as often. So, depending on what type of player you prefer, we've included both figures. Oh, and because these are based on projected fantasy points, we can do an overall ranking to help those who want to compare a defender to a midfielder for a flex spot or formation change.

The rankings will be updated throughout the week with any injuries or obvious playing time changes, and I'll be sure to include when the latest update was posted. Gameweek 1 is always very tough to project because teams don't use the same lineups during their pre-season matches and different managers have different opinions about players returning from international duty. But, we'll do our best and adjust when there's something worthy of adjustment.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below, contact me on Twitter or through our subscriber Discord chat.


Note: all columns are sortable.

Originally posted at 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 10.







Pos Floor


1143Mohamed SalahLIV v. LEEF20.2910.36
2222Sadio ManeLIV v. LEEF19.5111.14
3161Trent Alexander-ArnoldLIV v. LEED17.9910.01
4395Timo WernerCHE at BHAF17.989.22
5131Michail AntonioWHU v. NEWM16.2911.13
64117Son Heung-MinTOT v. EVEF15.769.10
7511WillianARS at FULF15.4811.40
82225Andrew RobertsonLIV v. LEED14.987.82
96128Roberto FirminoLIV v. LEEF14.879.02
107279Harry KaneTOT v. EVEF14.117.36
112134Jarrod BowenWHU v. NEWM13.278.77
12352Naby KeitaLIV v. LEEM13.2510.25
1384312Pierre-Emerick AubameyangARS at FULF13.246.73
143163Matt DohertyTOT v. EVED13.238.43
159106Callum Hudson-OdoiCHE at BHAF12.919.16
164316Virgil van DijkLIV v. LEED12.777.28
175184Marcos AlonsoCHE at BHAD12.738.14
18483Allan Saint-MaximinNEW at WHUM12.629.71
19107122Jamie VardyLEI at WBAF11.956.04
20114211Kelechi IheanachoLEI at WBAF11.936.74
211274Adama TraoreWLV at SHUF11.899.73
226142Reece JamesCHE at BHAD11.878.51
23136117Alexandre LacazetteARS at FULF11.856.30
245208Harvey BarnesLEI at WBAM11.307.91
256197Lucas MouraTOT v. EVEM11.168.07
267219Mason MountCHE at BHAM11.057.84
2782613Ayoze PerezLEI at WBAM10.887.49
289176Tomas SoucekWHU v. NEWM10.618.39
29146419Danny IngsSOU at CRYF10.506.27
30155815Raul JimenezWLV at SHUF10.336.40
3110155Matt RitchieNEW at WHUM10.308.47
327368Romain SaissWLV at SHUD10.257.09
3387015Joe GomezLIV v. LEED10.206.15
349327Willy BolyWLV at SHUD10.157.22
35112814Jonjo ShelveyNEW at WHUM10.147.35
36123920Neeskens KebanoFUL v. ARSM9.976.94
37134724Leandro TrossardBHA v. CHEM9.956.65
3810379Jan BednarekSOU at CRYD9.817.06
39144926Bukayo SakaARS at FULM9.806.62
40114610James JustinLEI at WBAD9.786.68
41129623Kieran TierneyARS at FULD9.705.16
42135011Scott DannCRY v. SOUD9.666.60
43165114Jordan AyewCRY v. SOUF9.656.56
44153418Matheus PereiraWBA v. LEIM9.647.12
45176218RicharlisonEVE at TOTF9.616.28
46162310Andros TownsendCRY v. SOUM9.497.69
47172915James MilnerLIV v. LEEM9.447.34
48182512Giovani Lo CelsoTOT v. EVEM9.447.61
49194825Grady DianganaWBA v. LEIM9.396.63
50183810Oliver McBurnieSHU v. WLVF9.337.05
51196820Diogo JotaWLV at SHUF9.296.20
52145713Caglar SoyuncuLEI at WBAD9.286.43
53206633Jeffrey SchluppCRY v. SOUM9.166.25
54213317Moussa DjenepoSOU at CRYM9.167.12
552011425Neal MaupayBHA v. CHEF9.154.68
56158720Timothy CastagneLEI at WBAD9.155.55
57168418Eric DierTOT v. EVED9.145.58
58216921Che AdamsSOU at CRYF9.136.19
59176514Ruben VinagreWLV at SHUD9.036.27
60222411N'Golo KanteCHE at BHAM9.017.63
61234523Wilfried ZahaCRY v. SOUM8.706.72
62245529FabinhoLIV v. LEEM8.666.47
63185412Lucas DigneEVE at TOTD8.666.52
64197917Chris BashamSHU v. WLVD8.625.91
65209122Ben DaviesTOT v. EVED8.525.38
66254122Youri TielemansLEI at WBAM8.506.79
67224413David McGoldrickSHU v. WLVF8.506.73
68217716Joel WardCRY v. SOUD8.425.95
69228519Jack O'ConnellSHU v. WLVD8.295.58
70263519James Ward-ProwseSOU at CRYM8.197.11
71276734Mark NobleWHU v. NEWM8.096.23
722312234Toby AlderweireldTOT v. EVED8.064.45
73249724John EganSHU v. WLVD8.005.03
7411112Vicente GuaitaCRY v. SOUG7.944.74
75259021Kurt ZoumaCHE at BHAD7.935.53
76285931Nathan RedmondSOU at CRYM7.916.38
772610026Ryan BertrandSOU at CRYD7.835.01
782310723Dominic Calvert-LewinEVE at TOTF7.834.89
79295227Solomon MarchBHA v. CHEM7.816.55
80308846Pablo FornalsWHU v. NEWM7.795.54
812713239Enda StevensSHU v. WLVD7.794.12
822410824Callum WilsonNEW at WHUF7.754.87
83317538Pablo HernandezLEE at LIVM7.705.96
842513427Aleksandar MitrovicFUL v. ARSF7.704.04
85323016Pierre-Emile HojbjergTOT v. EVEM7.677.34
86338041JorginhoCHE at BHAM7.675.69
872810527Mohammed SalisuSOU at CRYD7.654.90
88344021Wilfred NdidiLEI at WBAM7.526.89
89356332Joao MoutinhoWLV at SHUM7.446.27
902614329Charlie AustinWBA v. LEIF7.443.93
912912435Antonio RudigerCHE at BHAD7.444.38
923011530William SalibaARS at FULD7.434.68
93368243John FleckSHU v. WLVM7.415.64
943114141George BaldockSHU v. WLVD7.413.95
95375328Declan RiceWHU v. NEWM7.406.53
96387235Anthony KnockaertFUL v. ARSM7.366.01
973210928Kyle Walker-PetersSOU at CRYD7.324.84
98276016Anthony GordonEVE at TOTF7.276.34
99217016Alisson BeckerLIV v. LEEG7.241.99
100395630James McArthurCRY v. SOUM7.236.45
101408142Miguel AlmironNEW at WHUM7.185.68
1023314544Sead KolasinacARS at FULD7.113.80
103417840Isaac HaydenNEW at WHUM7.055.94
1043411832Ryan FredericksWHU v. NEWD7.034.58
1054210455Matthew PhillipsWBA v. LEIM6.924.91
1064310354John LundstramSHU v. WLVM6.864.91
107449248Dennis PraetLEI at WBAM6.825.32
108457336Yves BissoumaBHA v. CHEM6.775.99
109315611Hugo LlorisTOT v. EVEG6.733.05
1103514242Tyrick MitchellCRY v. SOUD6.673.93
11141509Alex McCarthySOU at CRYG6.623.50
1123613840Aaron CresswellWHU v. NEWD6.613.96
113467437Alex IwobiEVE at TOTM6.545.97
1143711933Joe BryanFUL v. ARSD6.504.51
115478947Jack HarrisonLEE at LIVM6.405.53
116515712Aaron RamsdaleSHU v. WLVG6.373.03
1173811229Kyle BartleyWBA v. LEID6.364.73
118488344Cheikhou KouyateCRY v. SOUM6.305.64
11961367Lukasz FabianskiWHU v. NEWG6.274.03
1203915248Issa DiopWHU v. NEWD6.253.46
1214014645Federico FernandezNEW at WHUD6.223.74
122716013Rui PatricioWLV at SHUG6.212.85
1234913764Ruben Loftus-CheekCHE at BHAM6.214.02
1245011057Tom CairneyFUL v. ARSM6.214.83
1254111731Darnell FurlongWBA v. LEID6.214.58
126518645Oliver NorwoodSHU v. WLVM6.175.57
127527639Oriol RomeuSOU at CRYM6.115.96
128815510Kepa ArrizabalagaCHE at BHAG6.103.22
1294214746Angelo OgbonnaWHU v. NEWD6.093.71
13091253Karl DarlowNEW at WHUG6.044.36
1314312736Yerry MinaEVE at TOTD6.044.31
132449925Dan BurnBHA v. CHED6.035.02
133539349Ainsley Maitland-NilesARS at FULM5.985.29
1342813326RodrigoLEE at LIVF5.844.04
1355410656Leander DendonckerWLV at SHUM5.824.89
136559450Alexis Mac AllisterBHA v. CHEM5.825.22
1375610152Ruben NevesWLV at SHUM5.804.99
1385710253AllanEVE at TOTM5.754.97
1394512938Michael KeaneEVE at TOTD5.734.24
1405811358Moussa SissokoTOT v. EVEM5.684.72
1411016314Kasper SchmeichelLEI at WBAG5.652.53
1424614443Jamaal LascellesNEW at WHUD5.643.81
143599551Kalvin PhillipsLEE at LIVM5.585.19
144111304Marek RodakFUL v. ARSG5.554.19
1451216915Bernd LenoARS at FULG5.542.10
146131315Jordan PickfordEVE at TOTG5.534.17
1474712837Conor TownsendWBA v. LEID5.514.28
148141356Sam JohnstoneWBA v. LEIG5.394.03
14915981Kiko CasillaLEE at LIVG5.355.03
1506012060Granit XhakaARS at FULM5.344.50
1512913928Bobby Decordova-ReidFUL v. ARSF5.273.95
1524816757GabrielARS at FULD5.232.28
1534914847Ben WhiteBHA v. CHED5.213.62
1546112362Jake LivermoreWBA v. LEIM5.194.41
1555015450Semi AjayiWBA v. LEID5.123.40
156161408Mathew RyanBHA v. CHEG5.073.95
1575116656Conor CoadyWLV at SHUD5.032.34
1586212663Stuart DallasLEE at LIVM5.024.33
1596311659Dale StephensBHA v. CHEM4.974.64
1605215349Michael HectorFUL v. ARSD4.893.45
1615316153Jamal LewisNEW at WHUD4.852.85
1625415851Tariq LampteyBHA v. CHED4.802.98
1636412161Max MeyerCRY v. SOUM4.794.49
1643016230Patrick BamfordLEE at LIVF4.572.68
1655515952Seamus ColemanEVE at TOTD4.272.90
1665616858Javier ManquilloNEW at WHUD4.032.18
1676515166Romaine SawyersWBA v. LEIM3.913.49
1686614965Tom DaviesEVE at TOTM3.843.51
1695716555Denis OdoiFUL v. ARSD3.602.37
1705816454Joel VeltmanBHA v. CHED3.502.39
1715917159Tim ReamFUL v. ARSD2.861.84
1726017260Liam CooperLEE at LIVD2.141.70
1736717367Kevin McDonaldFUL v. ARSM1.721.57
1746117562Luke AylingLEE at LIVD1.060.14
1756217461Robin KochLEE at LIVD0.680.34
1766317663Barry DouglasLEE at LIVD-0.02-0.26

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