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Sports One-Hit Wonders
49 days ago
We've seen precious little of this version of David Johnson since his massive 2016 season.
Joe Sheehan's 2020 Picks and Pans
152 days ago
Joe Sheehan's Picks and Pans article returns to the RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Guide! See who Joe likes and who he does not for 2020.
Baseball Draft Kit: Joe Sheehan's Picks and Pans
February 19, 2019
Joe Sheehan shows his hand, detailing the players he likes and those he doesn't in his article for the 2019 RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Guide.
Baseball Draft Kit: Picks & Pans
February 6, 2018
In his annual piece for the RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Guide, Joe Sheehan considers a young bat on the rise in Chicago, and suggests treading carefully with one of the Brewers' big offseason acquisitions.
Baseball Draft Kit: Picks & Pans
January 30, 2017
Joe Sheehan examines players he's targeting and avoiding in 2017 -- including an ace on the north side of Chicago.
Picks and Pans: Gray Skies Ahead?
January 22, 2016
In his annual season preview, Joe Sheehan makes the case for avoiding Sonny Gray in 2016. Who else is he picking and panning this season?
Picks and Pans: Home Sweet Home
January 19, 2015
Joe Sheehan shares his annual list of players to target and avoid in drafts for 2015. With the move from Los Angeles to Boston, Hanley Ramirez may be primed for a big year.
Baseball Draft Kit: Picks and Pans
January 27, 2014
Is Nolan Arenado on the brink of a big step forward? Joe Sheehan shares his annual picks and pans for 2014.
Picks and Pans: Sheehan's Players to Target & Avoid for 2013
February 18, 2013
Joe Sheehan shares his list of players to target and avoid in drafts for 2013.
Joe Sheehan's Pitching Picks: Special Excerpt For RotoWire
March 30, 2011
Joe Sheehan highlights the pitchers he thinks are undervalued this season, including Carlos Zambrano.